Inspired by Faberge

For more than 10 years NAMFLEG has been creating hot enamel silver jewelry with rhodium or 24K gold plating. Inspired by the great traditions established by the House of Faberge, our cloisonné hot enamel jewelry meets the highest standards of quality and has authentic design.

Skilled artisans

NAMFLEG team consists of the most talented and skilled craftsmen: designers, artists, enamellers and engravers who were selected for their rare skills and passion for beautiful things. Carefully preserving secrets of handmade cloisonné hot enamel, our artisans have mastered the process of making exclusive jewelry from the sketch to final finishing.

Swiss-made manufacture watches

NAMFLEG is a jewelry company with fully integrated production process. It means that each our piece is made in-house on one of our three manufactures located in Russia, Switzerland and Montenegro.

While Russian and Montenegro manufactures specialize on jewelry production, our Swiss manufacture is wholly devoted to creation of extraordinary timepieces. When NAMFLEG was founded in 2008 by a passionate watch collector and enthusiast Mr. Gelfman, brand started with creation of complicated «piece unique» wrist watches equipped with in-house movements.

Today NAMFLEG pays homage to its history, presenting several affordable luxury watch collections: Enamel, Stone and Majolica.

Special for women

All timepieces feature artfully crafted dials all made by hand and dedicated to women. Using techniques of guilloche, enamel, hardstone-carving and majolica, NAMFLEG Swiss-made watches are truly unique art pieces available in limited editions only.

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