Silver cufflinks "Da Vinci". cmh2005s

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  • Silver cufflinks "Da Vinci". zm2005kv - Namfleg Enamel Jewelry

Silver cufflinks "Da Vinci". cmh2005s

€84.00 €120.00 Save 30%
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Square NAMFLEG cufflinks with champlevé enamel decoration laid on 925 silver base. Cufflink’s case is made of polished surgical stainless steel which prevents cufflink from being damaged when in contact with solid surfaces and ensures a long service life of the jewelry piece. Cufflink’s case has a gold nanocoating which provides wear and scratch resistance.

Cufflink’s length is 20 mm.

Weight: 15 gr.

NAMFLEG Jewelry: Rare and Precious

NAMFLEG jewelry is a love story between silver and hot enamel. Our artisans have combined precious metal and melted glass and put some warmth and tenderness into each piece.

Cloisonné enamel technique is the most sophisticated and laborious of all enamel techniques. It’s about creating a unique pattern on the jewelry piece by soldering a hair-thin gold or silver wire. After that enameller places the powdered enamel into each cloison and fires the piece into a muffle furnace at 800°C. Enamel fills in all cloisons, melting into a colored glass – a timeless piece of art.

Our fundamental principle and guarantee of quality is dedication and passion for creating beautiful things. Each NAMFLEG piece can be proudly proclaimed as unique and one of its kind. Explanation to this is natural origins of material and manufacturing technology based on 100% handmade production.

Art of Magnificent Jewelry

Cloisonné enamel technique is the most sophisticated and laborious of all enamel techniques. The essence of cloisonné enamel is creating a unique pattern on the jewelry piece by soldering a hair-thin gold or silver wire.

This wire is bent by pliers repeating outlines applied by the artist. As a result, thinnest compartments («cloison» in French) arise on the surface of each piece. This technique makes enamel pattern remarkably dimensional, full of details and infinite number of shades.

Hot Enamel. Difficult, Long, Expensive.

Artisan applies grinded glass on silver or gold base, color by color. After applying each layer the piece is heated in kiln at 800 degrees Celsius. Then the piece is cooled and procedure repeats again, from 5 to 10 times, until required enamel hue and color depth are obtained.

(Firing temperature 800°C. 5-10 firing procedures)

Exclusive handmade 

Meticulous work on exclusive hot enamel jewelry piece takes a whole day. But the final result is definitely worth waiting.

This is what makes Namfleg unique among all other jewelry manufacturers – mechanization is completely eliminated and all operations are done entirely by hand. 

(5 working hours to create each piece. Entirely handmade) 

Only precious metals 

Hot enamel is applied only on precious metals, which is why all Namfleg jewelry is made of 18K gold or 925 sterling silver. Silver is coated with rhodium or 24K gold during electroplating process which protects metal from tarnishing and impacts unsurpassed brilliance.

Your family jewel. For ages.

After firing in kiln precious metal and enamel merge seamlessly together. Melted glass hardens forever, but when putting Namfleg jewelry piece on, it feels like enamel is still alive, airy and with striking deep color. It seems fragile, but this impression is deceptive – thanks to firing at high temperatures its beauty will last for ages.

Glass and metal – main jewelry components. Fade and scratch resistant

Your Majesty will be pleased

Priceless Easter Faberge Eggs ordered by not only members of Russian royal family, but also by European royal families, have earned House of Faberge a world-renown name.

Carl Faberge kept each his future creation in secret and didn’t reveal it in advance even to tsar Nicholas II. «Your Majesty will be pleased», – he used to say, which always proved to be true.

Exceptional fantasy, magnificence of lustrous gold and silver coated with opaque and translucent enamels is a modern masterpiece presented to you by Namfleg. And we have no doubt that you will be pleased indeed.

Enamel Renaissance by Namfleg

The legacy of House of Faberge inspired Namfleg to create an exclusive collection of fine jewelry made of 18K gold and 925 sterling silver coated with cloisonné enamel. Paying tribute to traditions established by renowned Russian jeweler, we make all our jewelry entirely by hand. More than 50 highly skilled artisans, including the most talented Russian artists, enamellers and jewelers, have been creating Namfleg jewelry collections for 10 years.

Manufacture takes pride in having successfully revived traditions of such an important Russian decorative technique as enameling. Namfleg can be considered as important part of national heritage along with creations of Carl Faberge. 

Modern luxury

We in Namfleg profoundly believe that enamel hasn’t lost its importance even in 21st century. Rooted in ancient culture, this decorative technique meets all modern technical and style requirements.

As it was 4,000 years ago, enamel fascinated with a rich color palette, which turns Namfleg creations into something more than just a jewelry. It’s an organic material helping us to embody the most amazing ideas.

Cloisonné enamel jewelry is a modern luxury that you definitely can afford.

The best gift for your beloved one. No doubt.

Creating of Enamel Jewelry

The enamel jewelry is getting more and more popular. This jewelry is produced both by international brands and small private workshops. But notwithstanding the brand popularity the enamel jewelry will always be in great demand among clients thanks to its quality and colorfulness, corrosion and wear resistance. Enamel jewelry is regarded to be almost everlasting wear and it doesn’t need any special care. Enamel jewelry is also easy to wear and enamel doesn’t loose its brightness and color intensity in the course of time. Its only flaw comparing to gemstones is the chance of being split off upon impact, because, in fact, the enamel is just a thin layer of glass alloy.

The process of creating enamel jewelry is quite time-consuming and often unpredictable, because one wrong move of the artist can permanently spoil the whole product. Only craftsmanship perfected over the years is able to foresee and prevent all possible defects: uneven application and bubbles in the enamel or, for example, a color change after firing. It is believed that the artist can create only four small cloisonné enamel pieces a day. The reason for this low performance is that all operations with the piece are made only by hand, from casting metal to processing after firing.

Now we’ll describe process of making silver jewelry decorated with enamel step by step taking NAMFLEG company as example. Having red how difficult and laborious this work is, you'll understand why each piece is unique, and often belongs to category of high-end jewelry.

So, let’s begin talking about creation of enamel jewelry ...

  1. The first step of the jewelry creation is, of course, the creation of its design. This task is accomplished by team of artists and designers who need to take into account all the nuances of the treatment of enamel and create a pattern that will look clear and harmonious after firing. One of the most important nuances is a color palette of enamel, which sometimes does not allow to express the desired shade. However, artists often make experiments in collaboration with enamelers, using the most unusual combinations.
  2. Second step in the manufacture of jewelry is creating a metal base plate. Most preferred are metals resistant to the temperature at which the enamel melts - i.e. silver, gold or copper. In our case, we take the base plate made of 925 silver. It is cast and then polished for the greater adhesion to the enamel.
  3. Thin silver thread is used to form compartments or cloisones, which are filled with liquid enamel mass. As shown in the images, these laborious operations are made with tweezers. If the shape of cloisonné is complex, the wire pattern is created first, and only then it is dipped into a special solution that solders cloisonné and base plate during the firing process. Now the jewelry workpiece is ready!
  4. Next, the enameler prepares the enamel. The process includes milling, grinding and soaking enamel in water to achieve weight uniformity. Despite the seeming ease of this stage, it conceals plenty of professional secrets. In fact, any error may affect the final result of the whole process.
  5. Next, the powder mass is laid into cloisons with special spatula. This process requires maximum concentration and precision from artisan, since it’s very important to achieve clear, bright and homogeneous colors after firing. It is also important to consider that this process becomes more complicated due to the shape of jewelry. Ring is one of the most difficult shapes, because it gives the enameler a hard time to fill in all the cloisons uniformly.
  6. Enamel is fired in special muffle furnaces. After laying enamel into the furnace one must wait until water evaporates from the enamel mass, otherwise it will lead to cracking of the enamel in the furnace. Re-laying of enamel into the furnace after discovering any flaws becomes impossible. Enamel jewelry spends less than 5 minutes in the furnace preheated to about 800°C. Afterwards it usually becomes red-hot.
  7. Then pieces are removed from the oven and left to cool for some time. They mustn’t be cooled abruptly (using water, for example), since the enamel may crack.
  8. The last step in the jewelry creation is an accurate hand cleaning and polishing with the help of special tools. And only then we can finally say that the enamel jewelry is ready!

Having carefully considered all the stages of enamel production, we can see clear how many samplers have to be created and how many experiments should be performed and how many pieces should be spoiled before one make the perfect jewelry. Needless to mention the importance of the professionalism of the whole team, because the final appearance of the jewelry depends on each artisan. Will it be similar to other jewelry from the collection, or will there be some barely noticeable differences due to inaccuracies in calculations and will everything be spoiled? Only the solid team and new ideas, combined with the traditions and creative enthusiasm, can cope with all the difficulties. After all, every piece of art and beauty is created by trial, error and experiments.

All that glitters is not enamel

Nowadays enamel jewelry is very popular and many companies from different countries offer enamel collections. However, we live in the age of cheap factory-made goods and genuine hot enamel is usually replaced by cheaper artificial analogs produced in China. Such enamel doesn’t look vey good and after wearing it develops cracks and starts to fade – to customer’s regret.

There are enamel jewelry producers in Europe, who tend to use cold white enamel with patterns applied using such industrial method as pad stamping. Applied in such a way, the pattern is often rubbed away when contacting with other jewelry, for example, when two enamel rings are worn on adjacent fingers.

Poor quality. Low-grade silver. Cheap factory production. Gets rubbed off and fades.

You deserve the best.

Your choice is hot cloisonné enamel.

Your choice is Namfleg.

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    Limited warranty

    NAMFLEG jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver with champlevé enamel decoration. All pieces were galvanically gold-plated or rhodium-plated (platinum group metal).

    Handle jewelry carefully. Avoid mechanical impact on the product, i.e. compression, stretching, shock, do not clean with abrasive agents. Avoid chemical exposure. Enamel contact with alkali, acid and grease, i.e. with detergents and cosmetics, can spoil the appearance of the jewelry. Do not swim in jewelry in the sea, because sea water is an electrolyte, in which a variety of chemical substances damaging for the enamel is dissolved.

    In case of damaging the product, please contact NAMFLEG restoration workshop, where our jewelers will determine the nature of damage and will restore your jewelry. Guarantee on earrings’ closures is unlimited. Even if it’s not a warranty case, feel free to contact us for the restoration of your jewelry.
    If all above-mentioned recommendations are maintained, NAMFLEG jewelry will become one of your family jewels for centuries. Famous jeweler Carl Faberge created enamel jewelry over 140 years ago, and still after all these years we can admire the original beauty of his creations.


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100% handwork

Creation of each item takes several hours of meticulous labour

Over 5 hours to do

Firing at 800° saves vivid colors for ages

Limited edition

Only precious metals: 18K gold and 925 sterling silver